Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom before you donate


  1. Choose items and add up the cost
  2. Log onto PayPal
  3. Click send payment
  4. Send payment to
  5. Send an email with the ammount you donated and the items you want to
  6. Now wait.... The admin will add these items to ur account once your payment has been cleared


 9k          $1 USD
 20k        $5 USD
 75k          $15 USD
 250k        $25 USD

Donation Items

Onyx apple 10                              $1 USD
Onyx apple 100                            $5 USD
work glove +500 atack                $4 USD
5000 ht necklace in all stats          $10 USD
GM hat                                       $8 USD
1K Atk/MATK lvl 110 weapon       $5 USD
Name change                                $5 USD
7 GM scroll for any weapon           $2 USD
White scroll 10                              $1 USD
White scroll 60                              $5 USD

 Donations TERMS. [MUSTREAD]
Donation Full Terms:
All donations are final and non-refundable for they are a donation.
Donations are out of your own free will and they are not forced.
Donations will go help pay for expenses.
KingKongMS is not responsible for donations made with stolen credit cards and/or paypal accounts.
All fraud donations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Credit Card fraud is illegal.
Any donations that are charged back will result in a ban from the game, for it is concidered fraud.
If you agree to these terms you are free to donate at will.

1. User Agreement
Users are to only use legitiment/non-fraud expenses that are not illegal in any way.
When you donate, you choose to help ancientms. (as in free-willingly giving donations)
2. Disputes / Chargeback Agreement
If you dispute your donation you are disobeying the following rules and which will lead to consequences.
- Charging back when or if banned
-Charging back when you quitted.
You may only dispute upon a case from the time being you donated. (1-2 days) After the following 2 days
you may not dispute. As this is a DONATION not a STORE.
3. Settlement
When you donate, you are knowing the consequences of the fines/results of disputes.
Disputes may only be acceptable after 1-2 days.
4. Donation Benefits
We do indeed give donation benefits to the amount of which you donated.
This does not mean that if you get banned and you want your money back, you cant get it back.
You donated which is indeed giving-freely the money.
5. Not Admissable to Court
If sueing this corporate company, this is not an admissable act to going to court.
This will be against you and the division.
When donated and losing the dispute, you may not sue against us.
Therefore, this is not admissable to going to court.
If you accept the following terms,
you may be freeingly be able to donate.
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